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This journey will guide you to Helena, Arkansas, during a special event, the King Biscuit Blues Festival, formerly known as Blues And Heritage Festival. Three days of music in 6 stages, from late morning to late in the night, open shops and restaurants, famous blues musicians and new talents, with a special taste of gospel.

A unique experience that will be completed by some visit of nearby places, cotton plantations, famous bluesmen graves or even museums, to give you the feeling of the real Mississippi blues plus a unique sight in one of the nation’s foremost showcases of Blues Music.

We present a 10 days/9 nights  tour.

This tour includes also visits to the tombs of the most famous blues musicians in history,  most of them born in Mississippi, and buried there. In this tour there will be visits to places that have hosted moments and unique characters of the genre, as well as’ live performances of country blues, acoustic blues and electric blues, some already planned but also organized specifically for these trips. For the real fans you can also have tickets to blues museums or locations far from the cities such as cotton plantations and the famous crossroads to get you deep into the true atmosphere of the Mississippi blues.

This tour is organized for October 

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